Sacrosanct by Tabassum.Tahmina. Shagufta Hussein

Shagufta Hussein | Apr 9th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


How many times I counted to unlock myself to you my Beloved God?
To unwrap my heart in your feet, my Beloved,
I wanted to hold your feet,
I wanted to announce my love openly,
I wanted to love you not in your sanctuary,
But in my own ways.
As I loved you in secret for so long.
But you are the high from above,
How can I say that I love you in my own terms so openly?
Still, I wanted to defy myself and only to express my love to you.
Alas! I am not worthy of you, my Beloved God.
At times, I wanted to stay far away from you in solitude
At times, I wanted to worship you in insolation in pain.
Nobody would know how deeply I love you
No one would see my tears of pain for loving you
Have you ever tried to find my consent that how much do I love?
How can I express my love? There is no way.
The only thing is left to bow myself at your feet in front of all, My Beloved God.
Loving you secretly and silently in my terms without words and notions.
Nobody will know my deepest surreptitious love for you
As I have surrendered my clandestine love at your feet discreetly as my sacrosanct.

Poet Bio

The Poet completed her Masters in British & American literature.She was a Head Human Resources Training. Now a Free-lance.Her poems published in Our Poetry Archive Anthology, The Pangolin Review, Rose Quartz Magazine. She lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She believes in humanity. Being a dreamer, aestheticism is the essence of her existence.

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