Salinger by Sarah Lauzon

Sarah Lauzon | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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Turning up in circles
watching thoughts drift
playing with my fingers
feeling echoes vibrate through.

If a body
catch a body
comin’ through the rye,
what would he be?

Lunatics ravin’ in my head,
monsters playin’ underneath my bed,
shed my cool exterior.

If a body
meet a body
comin’ through the rye,
where would she see?

Pull my body
round the bend
up ahead – the road
stuff it in a hedge.

Forgotten and recollected
reiterate the facts;
feel through the ocean
as through your room.

Step out of this world
let your mind float away
from these earthly tethers.
Cull those bothers now.

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