Satori by Terry Hess

Terry Hess | October 21st, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

He flew to you alone at just six weeks
What brought the two of you together then?
A dove, a simple pet, but never weak
For years his coo for you: each day’s amen.
In winter, spring, summer and fall, to mend
And match the changing rhythms in your heart
A part of which, your marriage’s own end–
He joined your soul and healed it from the start.
His last day birthed your time alone, to mourn;
Your inner self bowed to him at rest
The name, bestowed on him that first of morns
His gift to you, always his very best.
And now, your heart, echoes his pulse anew
As you learn reasons for this season, too.

Poet Bio

He is a sixty-eight year-old retired nurse practitioner. He has two grown sons, three wonderful grandchildren and a dear wife of thirty eight years. He spends time reading, playing the piano, working on poetry, volunteering and assisting in the care of his grandchildren.

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