Saving Others by Maggy Greaver

Maggy Greaver | July 12th, 2018 | poetry | 1 Comment

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I see it
I feel it
within me creation of havoc and chaos
Running all day in my mind
Bring my gut into turmoil
My soul into disrepute
Tearing me into pieces
That pain I lash out
Feeling so silenced by the spirit to please
Failing to talk
Failing to say
You hurt me so much and you know it
You did not plan it
But you did
You are not a bad person
But I feel the pain in my gut
In my mind
In my soul
I see it
I feel it
This pain that is so continuous
Creating within me havoc and chaos
Not sure if I made you do it
Not sure if I’m a bad person
Not sure if I require from you what I don’t give
Not sure at all of nothing
Because we never talk about it
It is pain that I lash out
lashing and lashing but never heard
I see it
I feel it
It’s just too much to bear
Can we talk about it?
Can we make it right?
When that day comes
May I not be defeated by my spirit to please
for I don’t want to please you
I just wanna talk about
And gain myself peace
That surpasses all understanding
For there is a lot of war in the silence
Of the stories, we never talk about
Trying to save others

Poet Bio

Maggy Greaver, Mom, Daughter and Wife

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