Schizophrenic Shapes by Amy Blanchard

Amy Blanchard | September 1st, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


Philip Kgosana Drive twists like a glittering snake.
Our car weaves in and out of the mountain’s shadow:

Sun, shade, sun, shade.

Imo’s arm is out the window,
mimicking the movement of the wind:

Up, down, up down.

Someone asks what happened to the DSTV,
His languid reply, “The dish ran away with the spoon”:

Away, spoon, away, spoon.

His mind connects in indistinguishable patterns,
rare maps of associations that often lead nowhere.

Here, there, where, nowhere.

The shapes make sense inside his mind,
twisting in on itself:

you know, you know, you know.

We don’t.

Poet Bio

Amy Blanchard was born in Athlone, Cape Town. She has a BA Degree in Cultural and Literary Studies from UCT. She has worked within Media and TV for many years. And has performed in local and international professional theatre productions. The highlight being performing in Petersen and Kramer’s Kat and the Kings at The Fugard Theatre in 2012/13. She is an avid reader and has an interest in both poetry and prose. And has a great love for nature and the outdoors. Amy resides in Cape Town with her husband and their three-legged dog.

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