School Daze

Black Love | December 1st, 2007 | essays | No Comments

we not in college to graduate and to go get a job… we not here because our mamas told us to… we not here to “act white”… for bragging-rights… to show-off… to look down on others… we not here because we the smartest… we not here to party and play… fuck and drink… we not here for frats and stepshows… to play sports and march in bands… to be cool… we not sleep… we not here to make white-friends… we not here getting use-less degrees… we not here to find ourselves… we not here to hide… to forget our way home… we not here playing!

we here to gather tools for our peoples development… we here focused… we here collectively – studying in groups, sharing notes and textbooks… we here with BlackValues… we here but still connected to our people… we here getting degrees in law, medicine, engineering, agriculture, high science, mathematics and psychology while staying BlackMinded and Afrikan-Centered in our studies… we here to bring back to Black living spaces affordable law firms, health centers, community structural-development programs, urban farming projects, to develop technical-resources to trade with other cultures and community counseling centers… we here because we studied how the japanese used the western college system to their economic and cultural advantage to counter global white supremacy… we here to develop self-determination and cultural inter-dependence… we here culturally sound – grounded by the history of our struggle… we here and we remember our enslavement and how institutional racism has retarded our people and the work that we must do!… we here organized… we here only to return, to transform the slums – where most of us still dwell!!!

thought and practice…

re-published with permission by Black Love (myspace)

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