The seams reveal more by Terrance Brown

Terrance Brown | January 2nd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I look to break terms
in half
grind them at thumb-

through them for pulp,
peel core away
excavate pit

stop gap between language
wide enough
to defibrillate dictionary

invigorate the dust
on a dead diction
until the particles plead

for a cadent ear
a falling doorway
sifted through slumber,

levitate a downbeat
until the pulse quakes
the blooming suffering
into an ardent, triumphant metric:

music my memory into everything
that is meticulous &
magnificent & marvelously meted out
about mayhem.

I look for fruit
amongst dead languages,
for cracks in cemented doorways

Poet Bio

Terrance Brown

23 by way of St. Louis Missouri,
previously published in Bellerive’s Sonder, wusgoodblack, issue 3 of Bad Jacket, & the site Brooklyn Buttah.

A pacifist deciphering the mathematics of a war time society.
Bred from scribbles on the tabletops in your local schoolery.

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