Seasoned Bones by Refiloe Khumo

Refiloe Khumo | April 3rd, 2024 | poetry | No Comments


I carry these weathered bones with dignity,
despite the world’s shaming & incivility.
I refuse to cower before ageism.
Embracing my aging silences their criticism.
Youth no longer resides in my body.
However, I proudly marvel at the grace that I embody.
Every scar is a reminder of when my fingers got burnt ,
every grey hair commemorates the lessons I have learnt,
every wrinkle attests that I laughed & had fun,
and every age spot honours the days I languished in the sun.
My seasoned bones reflect a life well lived.
They gallantly witnessed the tortuous storms I survived.

Poet Bio

Refiloe loves creative writing. Writing has always been a carthatic experience for her and a way for her emotions to find expression.

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