Seasons by Motswalo Manasoe

Motswalo Manasoe | Nov 20th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


The bloom of flowers
The smell of nature
I awake to a happier life
It is fruitful
Of course, it is Spring.

Geographically unending days
The longest of them all
Hours at lazy motion
An ocean as a drink
To quench in these hotter days
Of course, productivity is abundance now!
Of course, it is Summer.

I know the beauty of colour change
So leaves alter colour like a chameleon
As to mimic nature to us
It gets though slightly colder
Thus rest is one with us now
Of course, it is Autumn.

I respect warmth
The hot coffee
The hot soup
The warm laughter
Packed indoors as a family
Of course, it is Winter.

Poet Bio

My name is Motswalo Manasoe , i was born and raised in Limpopo in a village called Phokoane. i have been writing poetry since my high school days and participated in Tshwane Speak Out Loud poetry competition. i’m an upcoming poet with a lot of determination to make it in the poetic world.



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