Seasons of us by D. Nepomuceno

D. Nepomuceno | Jul 15th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


How faint a whisper carried by the breeze of spring
Only heard by few
Blessed we are, t’is true
For this whisper we heard,
rang loud like thunder
as blossoms from dust began to bloom.

That summer’s day, I knew your heart
for sweeter could your words not be
more pure or untainted your soul
more free your mind
Your spirit, strong and kind

When the summer rains turned cold
and heart of man grew wary and old
All whispers turned to shouts
still, we remained devout

Then came winter’s frostbitten breeze
and blew across that which could not freeze
for, warm this love has made our hearts
True this is
We will never part

So steadfast in our love are we,
here beneath our willow tree
Where two hearts became one this day
where we will meet if one goes astray
into the abyss and claws of death
as we draw our last breath

Meet me here true love of mine
I’ll be waiting by the hands of time
Like a puppet suspended on a string
I will be here in our everlasting spring
Hanging on the branches of our tree
waiting for you to set me free

Poet Bio

D. Nepomuceno, South African born. She started writing at a young age although she always kept her work very private. She decided to become a teacher after she completed high school and specialised in languages and the arts. After enough years in the realm of education, she decided that it is finally time to start writing a new chapter in this big metaphorical book that is her life. She retreated from teaching to a colourful life of self-expression and inner wellbeing. She hopes only for the opportunity to touch the hearts of people through her work, or perhaps just the heart of one person who needs, in that moment, just, to feel.

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