Seasons in the sun by Sinaso Mxakaza

Sinaso Mxakaza | December 27th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

There are hidden gods and lost lovers
because too much heartache resides in us
A lot could still go wrong in this world
Yet the sky sometimes treasures the sun just as our bodies hold us together
The air feels lighter and we breathe easier
The birds come home with joyful songs
Everything smells like hope and better days
We dare to dance and dream
taking a holiday from sorrows under the smiling sky in summer‘s bloom
Tranquil blue and white skies carrying golden sunshine that calm the breaking wind
This beauty teaches us to bloom with the flowers

Poet Bio

Sinaso Mxakaza started writing in 2008 inspired by her love for books and a need to express herself. Her poetry is about healing, change and finding one‘s voice.


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