Self-portrait as grieving ghost by Nkateko Masinga

Nkateko Masinga | Feb 1st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


my body is embalmed for burial
as my husband weeps, sings hymns
and begs that i return to him

is there allowance for this?

to be useful to my mourning lover:

in our kitchen
as asparagus

in his lab
as apparatus

in the aether
as apparition
as apologetic ghost

I’m sorry my beloved
i truly meant to stay

‘nobody knows the aftermath’,
kalwar said
the malice of death, its wrath
unrelenting and sparing none

nobody can predict the end,
nobody knows that tears fall
in the afterlife except us: the
dead the lost the after after

after what? there is nothing
beyond our life together,
a chorus we had just begun

my love, even in death i grieve

Poet Bio

Nkateko Masinga is a poet and 2019 Fellow at the Ebedi International Writers’ Residency.

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