The Seven Heavenly Virtues by Paul Zietsman

Paul Zietsman | February 21st, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


As on any path chosen, when striving
to better oneself, and to walk in truth,
No more excuses to grasp, no conniving,
Only to be of substance and of worth,
To encounter, the virtues, on this path,
Seven in sum, principled in concert,
A way forward, liberated from wrath,
Towards integrity now goes all effort

In no particular order follow these ethics,
The first to mention is FORTITUDE,
In every man is a certain will to protect
those he love, and those souls, destitute,
When facing adversity, to show strength
and have the courage to act in morality,
Is to have firmness of purpose at length,
Resilience of spirit, a noble quality

To be just, is to be truly without constraint,
Wishing upon others, all they deserve,
To live in gratitude, void of complaint,
Is to attain love, to hold and conserve
all that is fair, to encourage equity
for all God’s creatures, to demand JUSTICE,
Rewarded with a life of equanimity,
To live in absence of doubt and reluctance

When choosing to live in moderation,
Disciplined in action, feeling and thought,
Chosen restraint opens to contemplation,
Realisation of a truth that can’t be bought,
Quality will always be found in less,
TEMPERANCE cultivates fulfilment,
As dependency spawns from excess,
So does gratitude grow from contentment

PRUDENCE, mother of all that’s virtuous,
When acting towards good, the moral gate
by which all actions embark, though arduous,
Noble reasoning and unquestioned trust in fate
will render a being distinguished and wise,
To have foresight, and never to berate,
Not to belittle, but always, help rise,
those shackled, ever to emancipate

To live in FAITH, and trust without exception,
Accepting one’s fate as being preordained,
Knowing with certainty, a purity of conviction,
To trust in the will of the Unexplained,
Is to know ego, but live from character,
For life is sacred, not to be coerced,
Although to others it might be peculiar,
To the faithful, to be in life immersed

To know that life is cyclical, is to HOPE,
And to foresee a better destiny,
To accept; with gratitude, and not grope
at straws; the inevatible reality…
That All happens by divine design,
A deep knowing to aid us to cope,
And as grape grows from vine,
So love bears the fruit of Hope

To love God, above all else, completely,
See in your fellow man, light and dark,
And yet choose to not judge unfairly,
To love friend and foe with equal spark,
Then, to life in a state of Grace,
Which results in a bond of perfection,
CHARITY, to see in every single face,
God’s beauty, the splendour of creation

This is the virtues to aspire to in life,
Seven means to reach the divine within,
To live in fairness, to lessen strife,
Not only for self, for every single being,
When fear is traded for virtue,
Only then is liberation at hand,
To be free to sacrifice willingly,
Filled by courage, eager to make a stand

Poet Bio

Paul is an artist at heart, using the mediums of photography and poetry to express himself. The eternal search for truth is reflected in his work.

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