Seven Questions by Beula Kapp

Beula Kapp | August 9th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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If you had seven questions
what would it be?

If all the chasing
in life is for nothing
then what is it all for?

If pretend is not real
and it is for the audience
and the audience is not real
then why the pretend?

If a message is breached
and broken before it reaches
the ears then why a message at all?

If one wants truth
then why ask a question
with an expectation?

If a question is asked
why answer with a question?

If the truth hurts
why does it feel
like a lie hurts even more?

If you say that
I am me then
why do you try
to change me?

If you had seven questions what would it be?

Poet Bio

Beula Kapp born with a love of art developed her writing in her early teens.
She enjoys reading and writing poetry, fiction and flash fiction.

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