Sex and Salvation by StoryMe

StoryMe | July 26th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


A moment of pleasure.
When nothing makes sense
at the sight of her thighs

Or should say I’m lost
in moments of trying to
define who I truly am.

When I see her
my body reminds me of my failings
of my frail

But she loves me
She wants me
So she doesn’t hesitate

I thought she a whore
to serve my appetite
to serve my greed.

That’s what I feel
and nothing else
nothing I see.

clouds my memory
clouds everything
not knowing she loves me.

So when you told me I cried.
I wanted to try,
Sex and salvation.
“I love you katerina, but I can’t be saved”

Poet Bio

Justice Chimezie is Literature teacher at various colleges in Lagos, Nigeria. He’s written hundred of poems for his students to read. He’s a writer and a Storyteller.

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