Sgidla va? by Neo Molefe

Neo Molefe | January 11th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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Umoya ugidla va?
Umphefumulo uphuza kuphi?
Isango le-infinity ulitholaphi?
Ukhipha ngaliphi iva
Inkungu esenhlizweni?
Bathi sgidla va?
Ngoba skhathele
Ama-epistemic nightmares
from the man-made ideologies.

who can define infinity?
Ngoba impilo
ka-darkie yindlala yomoya.
Silibele sikhuluma ngama-posthumanism trying to play God and mo-China
on bellies of kasi children.
What a divine comedy
A dystopian reality.

(The poem is about the perpetual questions relating to the existential vacuum experienced by most individuals. It questions how the man-made ideologies that govern modern society affects the soul. It indirectly asks “does existence precedes essence?” vice-versa question)

Poet Bio

Neo Molefe (shameeyaa) is an avid reader. Some of her poetry has been published locally.

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