Shades of You by Naomi Julius

Naomi Julius | Nov 25th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


I secretly loved you before we met
I saw you in my dreams many moons ago
You smile, I blush and my mind is set
You will be mine, thought I’d let you know

Your touch, your lips are sweet as honey
I melt at the sight of those big doe eyes
Your velvet voice makes my days sunny
In your presence, oh how time flies

You will be mine, mark my words today
You were made for me, that you’ll realize
Forever night and day in your arms I pray
This love is a challenge, you’re the prize

Whisper sweet words, caress my soul
Kiss me quick, hold me, get me through
This heart’s in the balance, take control
Oh Lord how I love every shade of you

Poet Bio

I have always been the quiet type. Never played outside as a child. Preferred to read and write. When I was 12 our class was given a task to write poems. I submitted first and my teacher was very impressed, so I ended up writing everyone’s poems for them. I always sit and daydream and have so many stories and poetry hidden away in my mind, but I just never have the time to write them down. I hope that one of these days I will be able to finish my novel that I started writing 10 years ago.

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