Shadow in the slipstream by RC Thaka

RC Thaka | July 1st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

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In time, will you decide to part
ways with your shadow? I can only imagine
how difficult it must be leaving a friend
who has always had your back behind
in the slipstream of the wind. But it must
be done. You must be the one who untethers
the yoke from the ox’s mouth.

Remember that sometimes in life we must sacrifice
the things we think we love,
the things that are no good for us
but we can’t seem to let go of,
so we can find better ones.

In time, will you decide to part
with your shadow? Like an anchor
it holds you back, weighs you down
and keeps you drowning. It is the other half of your double
the darkside of the three dimensional oval,
the caw a crying crow makes while circling
your open coffin.

In time, you will see that this decoupling
was a necessary progression.
In time, you will see the greenest grass
beyond greener pastures.

Poet Bio

RC Thaka finds time from tutoring English to write about the feels.

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