Shadows of Darkness by Roberto van Rooyen

Roberto van Rooyen | February 9th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Your heart is a tunnel
Where no one can go through without ending in a bundle
Being tempest tossed
Cause you feel like everything is lost
You don’t know where to turn right or left
Cause then cross road has got you in then middle
Wondering how you can solve that riddle
But then you hear a voice calling
So tenderly and so soft
You ain’t lost
Just follow my voice and I’ll lead you the right way
Wondering should you stay or go along the way
Yet again it’s calling you to follow
Make a decision you might not be here tomorrow
Because every dark end has a shadow
And it will always try to get you off the right road.

Poet Bio

I’m Roberto van Rooyen, 18 years old. I have suffered a lot through difficult situations
but now I’m trying to motivate all

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