Shampoo by Ayodeji Morakinyo

Ayodeji Morakinyo | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Running off her hair
Down her brown neck
In swirls and whirls
As troubled soapy water
That would not stay put

Thick in the plastic
Imprisoned viscous fluid
Lackluster solidifying water
Of ingredients manufactured
In the parlours of chemists

Disturbed by the universal
Solvent called distilled water
Its viscosity escapes slowly
Into lather and erupting bubbles
And chases out the dirtiness in her hair

Poet Bio

Ayodeji is a leisure writer of poems, short stories and journalistic articles. Squatting with a relative somewhere in the Island of Lagos city, he corresponds for commonwealth and blogs with the award-winning On weekends, he writes for pleasure and partly performs the functions of a trained fibre optics engineer on other days. Recently, his writings have been inspired by the lives of people around him.

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