Share me with me by Honey Jones

Honey Jones | Dec 9th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Tonight I crave snatching a man’s soul as he enters my heaven and he feels the warm embrace welcome him in, tonight I crave his tongue to tickle my thighs as my heaven drips onto his chin… I yearn to wrap myself around him enveloping him whole and hear him gently moan my name… Tonight I Crave the warm feeling of gentle masculinity being cradled by my offerings, I want to let him explore my things and I his, I want to taste all the pleasure in the air, I want to hear his pulse beat as he gives me his final stroke and we explode into a nirvana neither of us have been to before a give and take of sorts, that we missed in our search for this place, an exchange of affirmation so raw that we cannot speak after but only drink water and lay in utter awe of each other’s bodies after the passionate dance we just had, leaving us with a mutual respect that will promulgate a second coming, a second offering of sensual play that rivals the first, tonight I crave…. Fire.

Poet Bio

Honey is a black, trans, Queer, woman with a passion for story telling and narrating.

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