She is Courage by Ayabulela Tutuse

Ayabulela Tutuse | February 28th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

There lies the port,
As acoustic strings play her favourite jazz melody
But yet, she dances to her own pulse
For she has found the power,
To let go of the familiar
To spread her wings,
And soar the jealous skies in the contra direction
Start an expedition,
On the road not taken
Blessed is she with strong shoes
Her feet stubbornly firm on this journey
Saying I will not turn
For valor is her gift
And she makes a virtue of necessity
Humbled by her triumphs celebrated silently

And unlike prisoned souls,
Chanting renaissances about freedom
She knows her musical prodigy,
‘Beat the bushes, leave no stone unturned’
For what we seek we shall find;
What we flee from flees from us
‘And I plan to drink life to the lees’

O but she is fortunate
Her heart has the same dream as her mind
Mind conceive
Heart believe
Flesh achieve
Soul keep the unkempt pure of evil against this dream
For time for other methods of self-preservation have no room
She has not two eternities and a half
The vessels have long puffed her sails
Twilight awaits no more
And soon every being shall wonder,
Who is she, with a heroic heart?

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