She Mourned by LadyNas

LadyNas | August 11th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


She mourns the parts of her soul that went away with old lovers.

Lovers who took but could not give back .

She mourns

As she reminisces of moments when her smile struggled through tears.

She mourns as she found herself in pages of books and fell inlove with fictional characters.

When all her burdens felt at ease as she mumbled her shattered prayers hoping God will put the puzzle together.

She found God as she jourenyed her path through self discovery.

She could breathe again.

She was inlove, not inlove with someone, she was inlove with her life. Inlove with God who had his back when all fell at her feet.

Every moment took her to a place where everything felt inspiring.

…and for the very first time life was worth living

Poet Bio

Nasiphi Mati a poetess at heart.

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