She, Our Poet by Simonne Stellenboom

Simonne Stellenboom | November 8th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment

Poet Bio

Her words are red
They spit fire and blood.
They are relentless, contentious and stupendous.

She and her words.
They will leave you.
Breathe less.

Her words are your truth, our truth and all we have been through.
Through race divide, cultural and love divide.
Divide us. Disunite us,
all you want but know about it, she will write.

She will write about it all.
Fees must fall, Mbeki letter and Ghordan’s stance.
Stanzas, rhymes and lines.
Verses, vowels and in between.
Hear our cries as we weep her words.

Our poet.
Unpublished. Unspoken. Unapologetically loud.

Poet Bio

Simonne is MPhil Trade Law graduate who enjoys working with people. People development is key, Simonne believes. Throughout her career a common trend has always been to develop people and
unlock potential within individuals. Her greatest lesson has been motherhood. Simonne considers herself a novice poet and wants to write to spark a conversation among people or to incite an individual to have a specific conversation with the self. Simonne wants to be known for the way she loved and her truth. Her truth is in her writing.

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  1. Congrats on the work Moni … Proud of you and your achievement … looking forward to bigger and better things

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