She Phoenix by Sinovuyo Nkonki

Sinovuyo Nkonki | May 9th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

Ashes blown about
in the wind.
Trampled on
by careless feet.

Just waiting
to defeat her oppressor.

Bling Haughtiness
and deaf Pride
did not see
her fiery flames
floating in their skies,
Did not hear
her blazing being
soaring above their heads.

No, they did not realise
Our She Phoenix
Would ever rise
above their narrow minds
and upturned noses.

But today,
Today she declares
Across the skies:
A wondrous message,
A wondrous cry,
that a nation is reborn
of a woman once scorned,
that the dreams and visions
of a little Transkei girl
are as real as the bricks
that build our walls.

That we She’s
can believe!

We lift our heads
High in the sky,
watch our She Phoenix
Rise above the ashes
once trampled
by careless feet;
Marvel at the blazing Beauty
Once blown about
In the wind…
Fiery Phoenix.
Of praise
Is she.

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