She was depressed by Chilufya Chileshe

Chilufya Chileshe | Jan 25th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


How did it come to be that she lost her flare?
When did her smile stop reaching her eyes?

Morphed into this plain uninteresting barren patch of earth
bland as food cooked by one who lost sense of smell
her physique rough as a smoothie with fruits bundled in, not blended

I say this to her
this something taboo
in the cool of our vast kitchen on an idle Tuesday

The crystal water jug passes her hand momentarily
swings past me in flash
lands with precision on the wall behind where my head just stood
I watch it fall to the floor and shatter to pieces breaking like a heart

Poet Bio

Chilufya Chileshe is a 35 years old Zambian born woman. She has worked in international development for over 13 years and has vast experience in pro-poor policy advocacy and engagement. She writes poems as a hobby and as a useful outlet for the frustrations of the world today. Chilufya has never published any of her poetry.

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