Shelter under the knife by Hexed Sante

Hexed Sante | Aug 9th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


Bread for your thoughts, yet nine hands later
Under the president’s knife, Spare some crumbs for the voter
Could we possibly ever, keep this sinking country afloat…
Drowning in a sea of poverty, we need to shed some sailors off this boat
Loot here loot there, master plan, the master scam
Sell skin tones, arson the soul, claim from empty pockets
for those who survive the trial of endurance
Have already secured their puppets for insurance

Lead with spear yet cut the white man at the tail with a bread knife
Whilst the black man feels the sharp end of an unequal life

Blunt times have always been for the oppressor that was never reformed,
Whilst we live through mediocre laws faced with traumas from democracies…
Apart-tyd… is a past time, that always strikes when the clock stops…


Poet Bio

Katlego Maaba, engineer, entrepreneur, part-time wordsmith… smooth like a baby’s bottom… a lover and a hugger… spreading positive vibrations.

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