she’s beautiful by Maanda Madzhege

Maanda Madzhege | August 10th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


I’ve seen god and she’s beautiful
dark skin like charcoal sin
above all desires and whim
from her stem, we bare fruits bountiful

I know her not from stories told
from carving on stone written in Braille
nor from constellations that guided the sail
but men ruled the time, so this tale can’t be sold

when my will is weak
and the thunder seems loud
caressed in your shape, through earthly bounds
spark the dawn when sun moon sect;
wash me from contempt, rinse lather and repeat
your essence a never-ending concept

Poet Bio

My name is Maanda, a poet built by the knowledge of the internet, mostly sombre poetry, with the book I’m working on having that as a central theme, provocative and cynical, but its really still under the scope, so enjoy this piece that’s going in the scope also

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