She’s falling out of love again by Ayathandwa Mpofu

Ayathandwa Mpofu | July 28th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Over and over again she placed you inside her soul, feeding you with all the fruits of life.
Protecting you with the little she had left in her hand,
she hoped you would humble yourself.
She had nothing to offer you but everlasting love that would bind the two of you together
You would be her Romeo and she would be your Juliet
She sacrificed her inner being just so that you’d appreciate her flaws
She’s only human like the rest, but you succeed in injecting guilt inside her thoughts
You violated her heart by manipulating her with your lies
You restricted her from living; you straggled her with words that broke her trust
She stretched out her heart for you just so that you would love her the way she loved you,
She nurtured your dishonestly she put you first because you were her number one.
She’s found herself falling in and out of love again.

Poet Bio

Ayathandwa is a creative, poet and a student, she is from the Eastern Cape. Her love for writing started in her high school years, since then she has never stopped writing. She is inspired by the likes of Lebogang Mashile and Mak Manaka. She dreams of one day publishing her own book.

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