Shut-up and Talk to me by Pariah Nqeto

Pariah Nqeto | January 20th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Okay let’s talk… but please keep quiet
You shall not SPEAK at all, but talk to me please
We shall have this conversation in silence
So I, like you, shall also keep silent
You look at me – I look at You

There’s a language neither of us can speak nor hear,
but can clearly read and understand!
It’s not written on paper, but on each others EYES
Believe me, EYES ‘tell’ no LIES

U can sweet talk as much as I can smooth talk
But somethings just cannot be expressed by WORDS.
Confession sessions may at times be ‘entertainment’ sessions for the ear,
for most of the truth we seek is hidden in the EYE
the EYE of YOU & I
So look at me – keep quiet – & Talk to me

Poet Bio

Known as Pariah (Pariah Nqeto of fb), Phiko is the real name, fell in love with poetry and music from a young age. Based on the poems people have had from the Pariah thus far, he is said to ‘love struck’.

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