SIGHT SIDE SITE- A Dance, Music and Spoken Word Production

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SIGHT SIDE SITE is a biography, A journey of growth. The dance, music and spoken word colours it a transition from growing at home to leaving home; it is a struggle living in a world of principles and clashing of dreams.

The story starts from an image of a home portrayed as being binding; A struggle of letting go and unbecoming. It is about letting go and following one’s dreams. The movement (dance) draws on how sometimes it is not places that bind people, but rather time. We see a dialogue between bodies from different times, interacting and speaking about the importance of balance and struggle. We see how one understands themselves and discovers themselves; learning to love home and the journey of being who they are.

“Home is a fire cooking my food while burning my fingers.
How do I escape such when I still want to eat?
(there is something binding about searching for freedom, with an empty stomach)
My family’s blood be shackles,
a long chain of heredity
teaching me how to eat”
– Soetry

Director and Choreographer: Kenneth Mphahlele
Writer: Solly Ramatswi
Vocals: Muzi Shili, Micca Manganye
Dancers: Muzi Shili, Thabang Collen Matlala

-Micca Manganye on percussions
-Dominic Sana on acoustic guitar
-Thabiso Modikoe on bass guitar

20 February 2020, 18h00
28 February 2020,19h00

Moses Molelekwa Art Centre, Tembisa

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