silence by iso

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I’ve heard the rain fall,
Over and over again.
Fall into arms that viewed her treasure
And arms that thought her toxin.
But she falls still,
Even when facing rejection.
And I have heard her song of victory as she finally caressed her sweetheart’s skin
—such you hear only in silence.

Like the sound of unknown flowers
Answer the call of the sun,
Opening up with beaming faces,
As he baptised them beautiful.

—or hearts ensnared by the winged cherub’s arrow,
As they fall in love
For the fifth time this week

But silence brings about deeper things as well,
Which is probably why great concertos
Are incomplete without rests.
And the sweetest “I love you’s”
Are sonnets written in silence and sealed with a kiss.
I learned that silence was in oceans
Effacing the footprints we left in the sand.
It is in every aching muscle easing itself into relaxation,
And every heart remembering what love sounds like.

For silence is as great as our stars
And the faults in them.
So hush,
talk less
and listen more.
Because the things said in silence will blow your mind,
And will do so silently.

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