Sleep When You’re Dead by Zaheera Badat

Zaheera Badat | September 17th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Sleep writhes out of my tangled bed
A sanctuary of awkward twisting and turning
Where deep sleep and calm
Dominates the 300 thread count sheets
On every other day

Unholy thoughts and torturous haunting
Waft in from the open window
Glaring at the putrid night
Does nothing to quell my fears
The sky an inkpool
Unwritten threats
Unbroken spells
Unfinished business

Daylight I beckon in rasping roaring whispers
Salve on this festering cauldron of morbidity
Jasmine, lavender and what is that rankness
That dare plunder the nocturnal floral tribute with vile offering
The cadavers that insist on being
A rotting reminder
A decaying disturbance
A putrefying parody
To life’s sweet song

Go where you like
Do what you must
It is an unmarked day
For your return to dust

Poet Bio

I’m a budding poet and passionate about language. I have written a few poems which I post on my Facebook page. It’s called Spilt Ink by Zaheera Badat

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