Slowly Beating As It Drains Away by Sir T.A.E.P.S

Sir T.A.E.P.S | May 1st, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

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I wash, I cleanse
as it drains away
I soak, I scrub
Hoping it drains away
I lather, I wipe
Wishing it drains away
When I close the tap
Your sin will drain away

As I wash the thought
I cleanse my flesh
As I soak my skin in tears
I scrub the trust away
The more I lather in pain
The less seed I wipe away
Wishing it rains inside
But even then
Shame won’t drain away

With a pill in place
blood might drain away
No gift to keep
I only hope to flush away
If it beats inside
As it grows I’ll run away
Nurse my health
Sedate my sorrow
If I rise tell me
Did it drain away?

Poet Bio

Ashley is a poet and an adventurer. Taking time to travel the world and learn from other cultures. With every poem is a story told to remind us to care for one another as the poem walks the reader in the shoes of another.

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