Sniff Sniff by elle

elle | November 9th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments


Of the ill believed pollution
this pollution of lies in a casket
Taken up an packed in a picnic basket
Looking for a little spot in the sun
Chocking and throttling fun
Defying me to the ways of a nun

I scream run
And I can feel the leak in my lung
My heart and vessels are being flung
Side to side , like the galaxy collide
I think my inner child just cried
Sniff sniff
I think my inner child has been denied
Sniff sniff
I think the woman in me to herself lied
And that’s why my inner child just cried
The woman in me ,she wipes the child in me’s eyez
They each other see
One trying the other to free
For so long.. why this grip and wrestle
This trestle placed to support but fragmented
…took the child and woman  to a hill
Where they lamented
Now they repented
Vented and have entered
And they merge, spirits converge
The one the other does urge
To live and splurge
The revolution is no longer on the verge
The revolution is H E R E
Child and woman nearing the sphere…
I repeat . .  The revolution is H E R E

Poet Bio

//the underestimated white controversial poet *Female by gender*the LYRICAL warrior princess * not willing to s u r r e n d e r *Got the gentle CUT* scar me if its worth the incision *Like WELCOME me to the “poetry circle” division * cause I’m pacing every 30 INCHES* for lyrical content to HEATup minds //  South Africa

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