Soar by Falconhead

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And as I stand here, the Rain lashing across my
face, the Wind brushing through my hair, the World

spinning under my feet, I spy the Sun upon the
horizon, rising like a fiery God. And O Lord, I can see

past this earthly sod. Into the breaking dawn. To the
place that is never gone. And I say to the light that a-

waits me there, dear Lord, I am yours. I am yours and
I am ready to soar. Ready to take flight, to leave what

was given, and to take what awaits. So as I stand with
the rock of years under me, the lives I led a memory,

I ask that you take me. Take me into the flight over
the waters where I shall fly. Through the clouds where

nothing dies. Toward the Sun in these closing eyes. Into
all things that become the fire. For you have given me

wings, dear Lord, and for it I am free. Because you given
me wings, I soar! I soar! Into the Sun that beckons me…

Poet Bio

When not slaying Dragons, Falconhead uses Dragon’s blood to write poetry, short stories and plays. His work has appeared in Emerge Literary Journal, Antiphon, FictionWeek Literary Review, Naugatuck River Review, Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, Wilde Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Thick Jam, Poetica Magazine, Camas: The Nature of The West, Thin Air Magazine, Glitterwolf, Whistling Fire, Two Hawks Quarterly, Rock & Sling, Adanna Literary Journal, Deltona Howl, and Green Wind Press’s “Words Fly Away” Anthology. His poem “Man-Made God or Poem In Which The Hypochondriac Gets His Way” was “runner-up” in Emerge Literary Journal’s 2014 poetry contest. (USA)



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