Social Starvation by M.E.Muir

M.E.Muir | Sep 4th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


I am hungry –
hungry for a friend,
for salt and peppered

I am starved –
of sweet talk
table cloths,
passing the sugar.

I am missing –
the knock on my front door
foot tapping to music
holding hands.

I am dieting –
on the thin soup of emails,
losing too much laughter
reduced to a masked half smile.

I long to gorge on the freshly
minted salad of a grandchild.
platefuls of teenagers
brotherly dessert.

Eating carries risks
but starving has to be worse.

Poet Bio

M. E. Muir is a Scot now living in London, former teacher and business consultant, whose collection EX SITU discussing our concerns about place and the environment, hasjust been published by Dampsey and Windle, and whose work is also in various print and online magazines eg Dawntreader, Reach, Morphrog, The London Grip, Ink Sweat & Tears, Poetry Village and Porridge.

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