Sojourn by Mpho Molekoa

Mpho Molekoa | October 6th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

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Take time to breathe in the beauty of life
To slowly inhale the scent
Every drop of this sweet, savoury blessing.

There is a beauty that lies in beholding something…
The picture on the wall of a lad pushing a wheelbarrow
Or maybe the dry leaves inside it
Or maybe of the girl with a red shirt sitting on the wheelbarrow atop the leaves
Or the boy walking beside them holding a ball.
Perhaps of the dog on the road passing them by,
Wanting to howl but deciding otherwise.
The lad’s sojourn in the North-West province comes to an end,
Before the girl learns of his ideologies,
Between the time the boy learns of a half-sister he never knew he had all along,
Long after the dog’s bark becomes a memory,
Sojourn – never short this time.

Poet Bio

Mpho Mmathapelo Molekoa is a writer based in Pretoria and is passionate about both the written and spoken word. She enjoys writing poetry, short stories and inspirational articles. A lover of art, food, travel, wellness, she believes in writing for purpose, inspiration and love.

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