‘Some notes from and about Qici the Sack Monk’ by Douglas Colston

Douglas Colston | February 9th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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‘Some notes from and about Qici the Sack Monk’

Qici (契此和尚),
who was also known as ‘the Sack Monk’ (布袋和尚),
is said to have left a note –
now recorded in Chinese as follows:


That might be interpreted as noted below.

Maitreya –
the true Maitreya –
has thousands of hundreds of millions of manifestations,
often instructing people of their time …
even when they themselves do not recognize him.

There are other ways,
of course,
to interpret that text –
and one that based on that individual’s name and epithet
is worthy of consideration …
it follows.

For friendship,
agree to this:
get along well
through being gentle, kind, harmonious, peaceful and conciliatory
while proceeding with superlative honor and esteem.

The currency, clothing and sack to carry?

That which displays, publishes and distributes
kindness, harmony, peace and conciliation
while proceeding in accord with superlative honor and esteem.

Coercive force –
whether it is increased, broadly applied or absolute –
is thoroughly and unmistakably overwhelming …
it buries people by way of extortion and restraint.

Differentiating one’s self
from the myriad of other lives
is a quietly contrived calculation.

Time, seasons and eras
are an opportunity to live
expressing personality and character
that instructs others in society
through demonstrable actions –
including those in future generations and ages.

Life, society and eras of humanity
do not invariably hold such knowledge and understanding.

Poet Bio

Douglas Colston hails from Australia, has played in Ska bands and picked up university degrees, supported his parents during terminal illnesses, developed chronic mental and physical illnesses pursuant to sustained workplace harassment, married his love, fathered two great children, had his inheritance embezzled and among other things, he is pursuing a PhD he hopes will provide a positive contribution to the zeitgeist. In addition to being published through Poetry Potion, his fiction, nonfiction and poetry has appeared in various anthologies and magazines, including: POETiCA REViEW; Impspired; New Note Poetry; Rue Scribe; Inlandia: A Literary Journey; and Revue {R}évolution.

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