Someone please dictate by Simiso Slashfire Sokhela

Simiso Sabelo Sokhela | February 19th, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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Someone please dictate
I’m a die hard
Let me write while I sojourn
The jingle causes tiny stars
that tabulate the tailor made thoughts

I’m tamed by your caress
I therefore profess interest in your dictation
Outflow your thoughts let me jot
the swelling words you command my pen

To dance…dance my pen dance
To independence
In the pen dances ink
The expression doesn’t need any subtitles

I’m using an amusing universal language
I submerge your dictation in the succulent blood
Tears mixed with blood cells

This is not sedate
Who knows maybe you have a subway in your grave
This poem is touching to the brave
Who get to read this offspring’s bouncing words
Someone please dictate

Poet Bio

Simiso Sabelo Sokhela (born September 04, 1991) is a South African poet, writer, and Voice actor known for his way of creatively crafting words on and off stage. He enjoys writing poetry and short stories based on his environment. He is a crazy peoples person. In 2000 he began writing his thoughts on a page, hence poetry
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