Sonder by Hafsa Mumtaz

Hafsa Mumtaz | October 6th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

In the zenith and nadir of the melody
Undulating in my heart, and in the
Caverns of those innocent eyes I glance at in
The shopping malls of children beseeching
Their moms to buy their favourite Bratz or
Spiderman outfits, and in the demeanour
Of those wrinkled eyes I see at the bus stop,
And in the baroque patterns of boughs
Of trees serenading Autumn’s arrival, and
In the cavorting rays of sun and its gilding
Gaze at the cumulus crowns of clouds, and
In those ashen hair clenched in the fists of
Time leaving early for a job to support family,
And in everything that gleams of honesty –
Is an odd feeling of sonder, of love, of life.

Poet Bio

Hafsa Mumtaz, aged 22, is an emerging Muslim poet from Pakistan, and a graduate of English Language and Literature. Her poetry has been published in Visual Verse, The Rising Phoenix Review, Women’s Spiritual Poetry, The New Verse News, Poetry Potion, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Terror House Magazine, Ravi Magazine, and is forthcoming in Couplet Poetry.

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