Sonnet for my Ikigai by Aaishah Mayet

Aaishah Mayet | Feb 24th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


You are more than a void beneath my bark
You are a restless ache; my northern star
Insatiable magnetism; my mark
Penned by Heavenly Quills devoid of mar

Yet you speak incomprehensible tongues
Your cinnamon scent beneath rough layers
A deep mystery to my lost young lungs
Determined to out-run dream-slayers

Ubiquitous Nay-sayers, be silent!
This journey inward will make manifest
A soul’s great legacy: gallant, giant
Heaven gives each a purpose on her quest

Which when found, renews each once-laboured breath
Ikigai lives on, even after death

Poet Bio

Aaishah Mayet was born and bred in the City of Gold, Johanesburg, South Africa. She currently works in the Healthcare sector which, for her, has bridged the frontiers of our shared human experience. As a self-confessed bibliophile of many years, literature remains, at once, her teacher and her sanctuary. Her works include Haiku published in the Lotosblute, as well as:

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