Sophia the Greek Goddess by Uduak Robert

Uduak Robert | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I am sought after by many
Yet never to be seen by any
I’m as lifeless as the black sea
Yet i outlive history and posterity
I am Sophia the Greek goddess

My virtues are innumerable
My qualities are unquantifiable
My bosom is perfect in beauty and splendour
I excel folly as light excels darkness
I am Sophia the Greek goddess

My price is far above rubies
My wellspring is a flowing brook
I’m sweeter than hibiscus nectar
And i shimmer like a shooting star
I am Sophia the Greek goddess

I am a shield to the gladiator
I am stronger than the weapons of was
I conquered the world for Alexandra the great
I have never lost a battle
I am Sophia the Greek goddess

I flourish like the hanging garden in Babylon
I laid the pillars of the pyramids in Egypt
And i formed the Pharaos of Alexandra
I am the nearest kin to prudence
I am Sophia the Greek goddess

The world is full of me
Yet little to spare the lofty
I designed the structures in Heaven
I am older than the foundation of earth
I am Sophia the Greek goddess

Poet Bio

I am possess an Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree from the University of Abuja and a (B.L.) from the Nigerian Law School. I have worked with WHO as an Independent Monitor at Immunization Plus Days, worked at Cheering Resources and Services as a Research Assistant. I am presently serving at the Faculty of Law, University of Abuja as an Assistant Lecturer. I am goal oriented, focused and purpose driven. I enjoy writing, reading and football. I love meeting people and learning new things.

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