Soul by Boitumelo M. Raphiri

Boitumelo M. Raphiri | August 23rd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


The sky looks gloomy today
It matches my soul
It matches my inner thoughts
The thoughts i feed myself

The sky looks grey today
It gives me promises of rain
To wash away all the chains
I drew to hold myself at this place

Repaint the sky with me
Dance with me while holding a paintbrush
Let’s repaint the sky yellow

Because maybe my soul will
Jump at the chance to catch the shine
To radiate warmth and give good vibes

Or maybe just maybe to burn a hole through you

Poet Bio

Boitumelo is a music lover, bibliophile, wine lover and she would kill for anything with chocolate in it. She writes for fun usually in the mornings with a cup of coffee in hand.
She’s obsessed with love and heartbreak. She’s fun and talks non-stop about nothing that usually makes sense

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