Soul by kayaland_poetry

kayaland_poetry | November 22nd, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Can’t you see how she pronounces soul
as if he were a guest who now made his home known.
a stadium once full of life
is now a somber, silent, sight.
whose corridors look untrodden for days
leave for the ivy and moss making the most of this loss.

and many seasons came and went
without as much as a notice felt.
no eye batted this way
no traveller mistakenly strayed
not a door was knocked
nor a phrase was talked.

the leaves that landed on the porch last fall
are now no more than a faded stain,
banded to the deck so only a shadow remains.

and the greys that cloud the outside skies
are now a familiar sight inside
residing beside the shelves
and lying alongside a credenza’s broken legs
relentless to yell
relentless to tell
of a time when this home was far more than shreds and webs.

Poet Bio

“Kayaland” would describe herself as a deeply introspective person so writing is like therapy for her. She is constantly trying to figure herself out and put a label to her emotions so she can know how to navigate through them. Sharing her poetry online feels like casting a net to find like-minded/ like-hearted people.

She mainly writes on 3 major themes: love, spirituality and self-discovery. Most of her poetry is what she wished someone said to her or what she’d say to her younger self.

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