Soul Searching by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli | February 19th, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Yesterday everybody wanted to be a poet
They wanted to touch the world with words
Turning things around call it a revolution
And then the struggle was won
Then they got old
Kept their bedsides shining with the torch they couldn’t pass on
Calling the rest unsolicited
Nobody wants to be a poet

Nowadays everybody wants to be a DJ
Spinning discs brings dizzy chicks
And a ride on a stick
Saturation is the bull that shits
Red bull was given to all
Their Fly eating chicken wings
Yet still
Everybody wants to be a DJ

Nowadays everybody wants to be somebody
Other than their body
The fear of being nobody
Nobody is perfect
Guess it’s the soul that shines
The gospel of the state of mind
The calmness of the blues
Where did the soul go?

Poet Bio

short bio: Sihle Ntuli is a 21 year old writer who currently lives in Durban, South Africa, his work can be found on various online journals including Itch, Sang Bleu, Jiggered, Free Riddim & Poetry Potion
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