Soul Whispers by Taj

Taj | December 17th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


The anguish of my soul
The consequences of my actions
There’s no reprieve in sight
Neither is there light at the end of the tunnel

I claim to see hope, but does hope see me
I long for peace, but my mistakes make it elusive
We learn from our mistakes, but I can’t help but dwell
In my naivety I sold my freedom

My pain knows no rival
I am not a coward $ love life too much, I would have ended it all
Is there any redemption for me

I look left, right, up & down
I call on God of my father’s before me
I weep and wail at my confusion
Is there any hope for me.

Poet Bio

Oluwatosin Jimoh is a banker by day and poet by night, he has written so many poems that cuts across diversity and topics. His inspiration comes from living life everyday

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