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Poet Bio

*south africa,
we love you
beautiful land
let’s show the whole world
we can
in our land

they sang for peace
sang to simmer down
the blood boiling over
and stem the bloody river
from drowning us all

did we show them?

they had drowned in boipatong
in thokoza they had drowned
they drowned even in katlehong
South Africa was drowning.

did we show them?

when we watched the miners
being razed to the ground

did we show them?

when we set Ernesto Nhamuave
on fire

did we show them?

when we make them homeless
all over the country
when we let justice down
when we won’t answer the tough questions
won’t pay back the money
when we eat sushi off exploited skin
when we build private castles instead of
delivering textbooks
gate privileged communities and
dompas the rest

are we showing them?

*south africa
we love
let’s show the whole world
we can…

*lyrics from Peace in Our Land produced by Chicco Twala released in 1993

Poet Bio

duduzile zamantungwa mabaso (@uzamantungwa) is a poet, scriptwriter, editor, bookseller and publisher. She is the founder of Black Letter Media


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