South Africa Pty Ltd by Thabang Ngoma

Poetry Potion | Oct 28th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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[tab id=1]Founded by the stranded
At the tip of a continent
The various tribes merged
Their diversity emerged

A land dash
A cultural clash
They sat in the bush
To drink from the calabash

Their migration halted
By the coast faulted
For rights they contested
For power they negotiated

The tip they dominated
A Zulu with a assegai in hand
And a Sotho a club wielded
A government they adopted

By gold they built cities
Diamonds adorned their seats
On a flight uncharted
Into a new dawn uplifted

The rough turbulence they piloted
A constitution was secured
A patent they pioneered
A bright future was profited[/tab]
[tab id=2]I’m a aspiring writer&enjoy reading & the challenge of composing& writing poetry. I’m a sketch artist&long distance – runner



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