South Africa, The Risen Army by Tashmin Martin

Tashmin Martin | May 22nd, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Broken bones, broken ties!
Scattered bones, scattered lives!
Once in the chains of apartheid that enveloped the land.

Dry, desolate and deserted!
Unidentified bodies lay across the valley.
Once an army, now a massacre.
The haunting and deafening silence of defeat echoed no sign of hope, no sign of peace.

Death only calling!
Can these bones live? Can they stand up to their feet?
Can they even walk? Can they hold a weapon? Can they stand before like an army?
Only God can tell!

Suddenly, I hear a sound of the wind blowing from the four corners of the earth.
It’s as if God breathed upon South Africa and a rattling noise was heard.
For life entered these bones and death was disturbed.
Yet the soldiers had no strength to fight for they were still weak.
So God blew His breath again and they rose to their feet.

I looked for the bones in the valley but behold, on a mountain top was seen,
A mighty army marching triumphantly fighting for democracy.
The whole world witnessed such a sight when the dead bones came to life.
For twenty seven years sacrifice of one man and God’s grace upon our land.
Had every chain broken and every man set free.

A new army has risen holding weapons of love.
For freedom blows her trumpet and God’s peace reigns from above.
The journey ahead, before us shines,
For victory reigns in the heart first before it can rule the mind.

Poet Bio

A powerful writer with the ability to move the reader, to inspire and to challenge minds and change lives. Poems are spirit filled, provocative and makes for compelling reading.
“South Africa, the Risen Army” is one of the writers favourites as it was initially created for a school contest in which it featured first.

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